Northern Stars Attachment


Dan and Kathy Croskrey


Dan and Kathy Croskrey are highly skilled and professionally trained Advanced Parenting Instructors and therapeutic respite providers whose goal is to provide to exhausted parents, tools and resources that will bring love and laughter into their home.  Their journey began in 2007, when they took in three severely emotionally disturbed siblings.  Their family suffered and floundered as their three well-adjusted adult children supported them with love and compassion.  Dan and Kathy sought and found answers at and as a result, joined the team and became highly trained Healing Hearts Camp staff veterans.  Due to the tremendous ongoing violence toward Kathy, Dan chose to give up his high-tech career to become a full-time therapeutic dad.  Through their work with their children, Dan and Kathy became part of an elite group of U.S. adoptive parents who have succeeded with a sibling group diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder, the success rate of which is less than 2%.  Now, after more than seven years of peace, love and laughter as a family, they are ready to reach out and help others to achieve the same.  The therapeutic respite that they provide in their home and the courses that they present through the Advanced Parenting Academy have been documented to reduce violence and stress and produce a calm and compassionate home environment.




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